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Permissions on Android (Android Dev Summit '19)

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[Music] my name is Sarah and I'm the product manager on Android permissions and I have here with me my colleague Phillip who's software engineer on permissions over the course of the last two days we've had a chance to meet a

How to Make Thumbnails on Android!

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if you're looking to create your thumbnail images for your YouTube videos using your Android device then in this video I'm going to show you step-by-step how to do it using the best Android thumbnail app right now hey it's Justin brownie from

FiLMiC Pro + Zhiyun Smooth 4 Tutorial (iOS & Android)

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In this tutorial I’m really excited to introduceyou to FiLMiC Pro’s best in class support for the Zhiyun Smooth 4 on both Android andiOS, which gives you

Remap on BBC Look East

But first, it's something that we maybeall take for granted: having the ability to move around freely. But for peoplewith a disability, key pieces of kit can help empower them to live

2019 CHAMPION Shellyann ALL songs 💯🏆👏 – BBC All Together Now

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I live in Swansea my partner is called Pete he's a tank man – hoping to get married so fingers crossed then you have my son Regan and then I've got to set children 

BBC Lifeline Appeal – Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

like a camera our eyes help us to focus on what's important and to capture our most treasured memories but every year dozens of babies and toddlers face the